Welcome to HPT Solutions

HPT Solutions, Inc. is a Carroll County, Maryland based company specializing in IT solutions for businesses and organizations.   Our staff brings over fifty years of combined experience in the IT industry.   Our long experience has been focused in the central part of Maryland, providing top quality services to a number of organizations and businesses, both large and small.   We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.   We recommend the best solutions for your business issues.   We do not believe in recommending a technology solution just because it's "the latest thing" or "a really cool product."   It's as important to us as it is to you that any solution we recommend truly benefits your business through cost reduction, revenue increases or regulatory compliance.

HPT Solutions provides a full range of IT consulting services, including project management, application design and development, IT architecture recommendations, installation of hardware and software, and more.   We have developed affiliations with many other solution providers and subject matter experts that we draw upon to augment our talented staff when needed.   Whatever your business needs, HPT Solutions is prepared to provide the best solution available.  

In 2007, HPT Solutions began providing Office Virtualization solutions to our customers.   Office Virtualization is the use of technology to move PC applications, databases, etc. out of the office and onto the Internet.   Recent technological advances and price reductions have made capabilities available to small and medium sized businesses that were previously the exclusive province of large enterprises.   To find out how this exciting new technology can benefit your company, see our Office Virtualization page.

HPT Solutions is a certified reseller of the AEP Networks product line.   AEPís Netilla Security Platform SSL VPN (NSP) helps companies satisfy one of their most pressing needs: Making business applications remotely available to employees and partners.   With the NSP, remote users can quickly and securely reach the varied resources found in today's IT environment, including Microsoft Outlook, Windows Terminal Servers and server-based applications, as well as client/server applications over an SSL tunnel.   At HPT Solutions, we are committed to providing a secure environment for our customers.