IT Consulting

Whatever your technology needs, HPT Solutions can help.   We offer a wide variety of services and draw upon our extensive experience to recommend the right solutions for your business issues.   Sometimes the best solution involves making more effective use of what you already have, not necessarily buying new products or applications.   Because we're focused on your business needs, anything we recommend can be justified through some combination of cost containment, revenue increase or regulatory compliance.   Here is a partial list of services that we provide:

Application and Database Design and Implementation:

There are times when you have a business issue that just can't be solved in a cost effective manner by products that are on market.   Often, the best solution is to have us create a custom application that will address your specific needs.   Before designing an application for you, we'll tell you about any existing products that might address your needs cost-effectively, in case you aren't aware of them.   Most of our customers that have requested custom applications, have been pleasantly surprised at the cost-effective alternatives (making use of their existing technology) that we've been able to recommend and deploy.

Network and Infrastructure Analysis and Design:

We will evaluate your existing network and infrastructure (routers, servers, PCs, etc.) and recommend any needed upgrades or modifications to ensure that your IT environment is both fast and secure.

Application and Infrastructure Integration:

One of the best things that you can do for your business is to maintain an integrated infrastructure.   This means making sure that everything works together to the greatest extent possible.   Over time, most businesses end up with applications, tools and processes that have either outlived their usefulness or have evolved unnoticed.   Another consequence of not having an integrated infrastructure is purchasing software to perform functions that can be done with products that you already have.   When we analyze your technology infrastructure, we create documentation that you can then keep up to date as you make changes.   In this way, you will always know what you have and how to fit new pieces in.   Integrating new applications into this type of infrastructure will allow you to take advantage of features and functions that you may not have considered.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuation Planning:

None of us like to think about bad things, but sometimes they happen.   If your IT systems are out of service for any reason, it can be a disaster for your business.   We can assist you by designing and documenting procedures to follow to ensure that your business can survive a disasterous outage.   We know that your business depends on more than just your IT resources, so your plan will encompass as much of your business as you desire.   If your office is shut down because of a gas leak, flooding, or the like, your business doesn't have to stop.   Let us help you be prepared.

IT Security Practices:

We will analyze your existing security practices and products.   We will also recommend any changes that may be needed to make your environment more secure.   Your corporate data and identity are vital to your business, and need to be protected.   Often, the most effective protection practices are also the most inexpensive, but unfortunately, the most overlooked.

Virus and Malware Protection:

We will analyze your infrastructure and recommend the most effective measure to ensure that your systems are safe from viruses, spyware, trojans, etc.   We are not resellers for any particular product, and so can recommend the one (or combination of products) that will most effectively meet your needs.

Secure Remote Access:

We provide solutions to securely access your corporate network from remote locations.   One service offering in this area is Office Virtualization, which makes your applications securely available across the Internet.   We also offer various other solutions to enable you to securely access the data and applications that you need to from remote locations.

Web Page Design and Hosting:

For website design or hosting, please visit our parent company, Home Page Technology, Inc.