Office Virtualization

When you take advantage of our Office Virtualization service offering, you're no longer chained to your desk. Your office is anywhere you can access the Internet and is available to you 24x7.   If you want to access your office applications while travelling, work from home, ensure that you can do your work if your office becomes unavailable for some reason, or even to eliminate the expense of maintaining office space, working with HPT Solutions to put your office on the Internet is the solution that you've been looking for.

What is Office Virtualization?

Office Virtualization involves moving the applications that you use to run your office off of your local PCs and file servers onto a set of servers housed in a state of the art data center and attached to the Internet via sophisticated firewall and VPN devices to ensure the security and protection of your data. Until recently the exclusive province of very large enterprises, this technology has become a feasible option for small and medium sized businesses. There are many options available to customize the structure of your particular virtual office, but every option provides many benefits to your business.

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There's no dress code at your virtual office!

What are the benefits of Office Virtualization?

The benefits of our Office Virtualization offering are many and depend somewhat on which specific options are selected for your particular implementation. For example, one of our Virtual Office customers reports noticably faster response time from their primary application than they had when running the same application in their office on locally networked PCs. Some benefits are present no matter which options are selected. These include:

  • Server Resilience: The servers used for your virtual office are configured to provide extreme resilience by incorporating RAID technology to protect against disk failure, redundant power supplies and feeds and redundant network adapters and connections. This resilience means that even if a component fails, your Virtual Office is still up and running for you.
  • Power Protection: The servers are housed in a state of the art data center supplied by multiple power grids, multiple power distribution units and a massive diesel generator.
  • Network Independence: The connection to the Internet is accomplished using "blended bandwidth", which is connectivity through multiple Internet backbone connections. This means that if one major bandwidth provider should have an outage, the connection is still available through the others, so that your virtual office remains available to you.
  • Remote Access: Because your office applications are no longer housed in your office facility, they are available to you anywhere that you have an Internet connection. If there is a power outage at your office, for example, instead of being "dead in the water", you can simply continue your business from another location such as your home, or an Internet cafe or public library.
  • Secure Access: There are many risks associated with putting a server on the Internet. We eliminate those risks by protecting your server behind an industry-leading VPN (Virtual Private Network) device to act as a "firewall" and ensure that you (and your authorized employees) are the ONLY ones who can access your virtual office. We feel so strongly about the importance of this protection that we won't sell you a virtual office without it.

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We host your virtual office in a state of the art data center with the availability and protection that your business needs.

What is the cost of Office Virtualization?

The cost for your virtual office will vary based on what your specific needs entail. There are many options to consider when determining how much protection and resilience is appropriate for your organization.   Whichever specific options and configurations are chosen, the costs will occur in three general areas:

  • Server and VPN: The costs for the server hardware, VPN hardware, any software licenses required for your virtual office, and the installation and configuration services required to set up your office are dependent on the specific environment that you determine best meets your needs (we'll make suggestions, but the choices are yours to make). For the most part, these are one-time charges (some software licenses may involve yearly maintenance or support costs) that can be capitalized and depreciated or procured via a lease.
  • Data Center Space: There is a monthly fee to house your server and VPN in the data center. This fee defrays the cost of power, environmental protection (adequate cooling, fire prevention, etc.) and physical security of the data center. This fee is based on the amount of space that you require. One or two servers take less space and use less power than five or ten servers, and, therefore, incur a lower fee.
  • Network Bandwidth: There is a monthly fee for connectivity to the Internet. This fee is based on the amount of bandwidth that you contract for and use. If you start with a conservative bandwidth commitment and find that you are consistently using more, you can either purchase additional bandwidth (for an increased monthly fee) or have us "throttle" your traffic to limit it to the contracted bandwidth (at no additional fee to you).